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Social Profit Calculator

Social Profit Calculator is a cloud-based platform supporting organisations to carrying out Cost Benefit, Social Value and Economic Impact Analysis using LM3 and GVA Uplift. With the biggest database of outcomes, values and impact measures, it significantly reduces the time and complexity for carrying out analysis for activities, interventions, projects and whole organisations. The software is supported with an impact measurement app which also reduces the time and resources required to engage with stakeholders and gather impact data.

Social Value Procurement Portal

This unique product is specifically designed to gauge social value in the procurement process and analyse bids. Manage and maximise social value using this progressive, pioneering product. This can be used by your organisation to ensure that your KPI’s are being met by potential contractors and suppliers at the procurement stage. After a bid has been approved the portal can be used to monitor the winning contractor’s performance against KPI’s throughout the project life cycle.

Impact Measurement App

This allows you to measure your impact with minimal outgoings. Engage with key participants and employees and save on time and resources with the mobile app. Measuring social impact is imperative to the overall calculation of social value, and plays an essential part in the calculation process.

Bespoke Tools and Services

As creators of Social Profit Calculator, we also specialise in developing and maintaining bespoke software solutions, solely aimed at meeting the needs of your business. If you’d like more information on any of our services or products, please contact us.